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True Price Jisan Mahmud, Akash Bapat; Frahm, Jan-Michael

Boundary-aware 3D Building Reconstruction from a Single Overhead Image: Supplementary Journal Article

In: 2020.

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Yan, Junhua; Kaur, Jasleen

Feature Selection for Website Fingerprinting Technical Report

no. 18-001, 2018.

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Wang, Chun-Kun; Xu, Hao

A Survey of Reasoning Methods for Concurrent Systems Technical Report

no. 17-005, 2017.

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Islam, Bashima; Islam, MD Tamzeed; Nirjon, Shahriar

Feasibility of LoRa for Indoor Localization Technical Report

no. 17-004, 2017.

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Islam, Tamzeed; Islam, Bashima; Nirjon, Shahriar

Duty-Cycle-Aware Real-Time Scheduling of Wireless Links in Low Power WANs Technical Report

no. 17-003, 2017.

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Otterness, Nathan; Yang, Ming; Amert, Tanya; Bakita, Joshua; Anderson, James H.; Smith, F. Donelson

Implicit GPU Synchronization: A Barrier to Real-Time CUDA Workloads Technical Report

no. 17-002, 2017.

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Yin, Qianwen; Kaur, Jasleen; Smith, Don

TCP Rapid: From Theory to Practice Technical Report

no. 17-001, 2017.

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Newton, Ben; Aikat, Jay; Jeffay, Kevin

Geographic Routing in Large-Scale Highly-Dynamic Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Technical Report

no. 16-002, 2016.

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Rosenman, Julian; Zhao, Qingyu; Price, True; Niethammer, Marc; Alterovitz, Ron; Frahm, Jan-Michael; Chera, Bhishamjit; Pizer, Stephen

Registration Of Nasopharyngoscopic Video With Treatment Planning CT Scans Technical Report

no. 16-001, 2016.

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Cheng, Wei

Toward Robust Group-wise Eqtl Mapping Via Integrating Multi-domain Heterogeneous Data Technical Report

no. 15-002, 2015.

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Heinly, Jared

Toward Efficient and Robust Large-Scale Structure-from-Motion Systems Technical Report

no. 15-001, 2015.

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Bethea, Darrell; Reiter, Michael K; Qian, Feng; Xu, Qiang; Mao, Z Morley

Strong Consistency at Global Scale Technical Report

no. 14-004, 2014.

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Taylor, Micah; Tsingos, Nicolas; Manocha, Dinesh

Rendering environmental voice reverberation for large-scale distributed virtual worlds Technical Report

no. 14-005, 2014.

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Lovewell, Rebecca; Yin, Qianwen; Zhang, Tao; Kaur, Jasleen; Smith, Frank

The packet-scale congestion control paradigm Technical Report

no. 14-006, 2014.



Erickson, Jeremy; Anderson, James

Dissipation Bounds Technical Report

no. 14-001, 2014.

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Chou, Chen-Rui

Regression Learning for 2D/3D Image Registration Technical Report

no. 13-004, 2013.

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Libonati, Alana; Kapadia, Apu; Reiter, Michael K.

Social Security Technical Report

no. 13-003, 2013.

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Kohli, Luv

Redirected Touching Technical Report

no. 13-002, 2013.

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Bethea, Darrell; Reiter, Michael K.; Xu, Feng Qian; Mao, Z. Morley

WACCO and LOKO Technical Report

no. 12-005, 2013.

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Millman, David L

Degree-Driven Design of Geometric Algorithms for Point Location, Proximity, and Volume Calculation Technical Report

no. 12-004, 2012.

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