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Levoy, Marc

Rendering of Surfaces from Volumetric Data Technical Report

no. 87-016, 1987.

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Holloway, Richard L.

Head-Mounted Display Technical Report Technical Report

no. 87-015, 1987.

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Kuchkuda, Roman

An Introduction to Ray Tracing Technical Report

no. 87-038, 1987.

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Gupta, Gopal

An Interpreter for EqL Technical Report

no. 87-037, 1987.

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Levoy, Marc

Rendering of Surfaces from Volumetric Data Technical Report

no. 87-036, 1987.

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Gauch, Susan; Smith, John B.

Intelligent Search of Full-Text Databases Technical Report

no. 87-035, 1987.

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Potter, Richard C.; Plaisted, David A.

Term Rewriting Technical Report

no. 87-034, 1987.

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Smith, John; Weiss, Stephen; Ferguson, Gordon

A Hypertext Writing Environment and Its Cognitive Basis Technical Report

no. 87-033, 1987.

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Smith, John; Lansman, Marcy

A Cognitive Basis for a Computer Writing Environment Technical Report

no. 87-032, 1987.

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Beard, David V.; Walker, John Q.

Navigational Techniques to Improve the Display of Large Two-Dimensional Spaces Technical Report

no. 87-031, 1987.

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Biyani, Vikram

An Efficient Runtime System for IDL Technical Report

no. 87-029, 1987.

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Levoy, Mark; Whitted, Turner

The Use of Points as a Display Primitive Technical Report

no. 85-022, 1985.

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Lipscomb, James Sargent

Three-Dimentional Cues for a Molecular Computer Graphics System Technical Report

no. 79-008, 1979.

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913 entries « 46 of 46 »


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